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Women's Fitness Boot Camp in Teaneck, NJ

Finally, New Jersey's #1 Fitness Boot Camp (Featured In The Bergen Record) Guarantees To Help You Lose Weight, Melt Fat From Stubborn Areas, Get You A Firm Butt, Trim Waist, Sculped Arms and a Lean, Toned Body... Supercharging Your Inner And Outer Beauty... Giving You UNBELIEVABLE Results... AND One Week FREE To Come and See For Yourself!

Nitin Chhoda
Licensed Physical Therapist
Celebrity Fitness Consultant


Dear Friend,

Do you want to transform your body into an unbelievable shape that leaves people wondering "What is it that she did?" Are you looking for a powerful, proven, integrated fat loss system that will melt those stubborn pounds, boost energy and supercharge your life, allowing you to fit into those skinny jeans again?

Are you sick of programs that don't work? Trainers that cost too much? Smelly gyms that offer little motivation?

I am here to tell you that we can help you reach your fitness goals, because you are working with a team of licensed fitness professionals and physical therapists, who understand every single nuance of the fat loss, and can show you how to get to your fitness goals.

How would you like to achieve these goals surrounded by new friends, a fun, interactive environment, with fitness assessments, goal setting, weekly done-for-you rapid fat loss meal plans and unlimited email / phone support, under the supervision of New Jersey's #1 fitness coach?

We are the # 1 ranked fitness program for women in New Jersey, featured in the Bergen Record and several community newspapers. The fact is: our integrated weight loss and nutrition system guarantees double the results in less than half the time for only a third of the cost of one-to-one training or your money back! Over the past 4 years, we have helped over 2497 (and growing) local residents achieve spectacular transformations.

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We Will Get You Results, Here Is The Proof:

  • Over 196,543 sessions conducted to melt fat
  • 99,267 lbs of fat loss for local residents
  • 893 clients have stopped taking diabetic medication
  • 1231 clients have normalized their blood pressure
  • 39,643 inches lost (that's ten times the length of the Superbowl Stadium)

It's Time For A Fat Loss Plan That Flat Out WORKS...

The fact is, I still have a lot of work to do.. and I want to work with YOU and transform your life too. My name is Nitin Chhoda and I am a fitness coach and licensed physical therapist, fitness professional and local resident based in Paramus. I am a pioneer in fitness, having written 2 books and lectured on fitness all over the United States, Canada and Australia. I conduct the class along with my associate and fitness coach / physical therapist Diana Singer PT.

Tracy Anderson
When I joined Nitin's fitness class for the first time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It's safe to say that this is the best decision I made in my life. I went from an out-of-shape, introverted school teacher to a lean, athletic hottie in my school! Nitin is an unbelievable force for fitness in our community and if he accepts you in his class, then GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY with both hands. My only regret is that I did not start training with him sooner...Nitin has taught me how to mold my body and mind into any shape or state that I wish it to be.

Tracy Anderson
Teaneck, NJ

Dr. Margaret Gardner
As a doctor in private practice, I heard about Nitin's class from one of my patients who would not stop raving about it. I decided to try it out myself. As a fitness class for women, the Jersey fitness boot camp exceeded my expectations. It was absolutely the greatest gift I could give myself and my husband could not believe the transformation. This class will shatter any weight loss myths you have and teach you EXACTLY what it takes to get that body back. 4 doctors from my practice have signed up with Nitin. We can't wait to attend each boot camp session!

Dr. Margaret Gardner
Clifton, NJ
Deanna DiAngelis
It took me 3 months, but I did it! I have lost a total of 43lbs and fit in a size two jeans! I can eat what I want, because I know I will burn off the calories in my next boot camp workout! My friends and family do not recognize me and are constantly asking me how I did it. Ever since my days as a high school cheerleader, I have wanted to look like this. I am holding my tears back as I write this testimonial for Nitin and want to thank him for giving me a new lease of life. For the first time since high school, I look good without my clothes on, and cannot ask for anything more.

Deanna DiAngelis
Lodi, NJ
Ilana Gardner
After having my baby, I gained over 20 lbs. It was almost impossible to get rid of it. The Jersey Boot Camp was the solution. My only regret is that I did not start training with him sooner... Nitin has taught me how to mold my body and mind into any shape or state that I wish it to be.

Ilana Garnder
Bergenfield, NJ
Jennifer Andreza
As a high school cheerleader, I have wanted to look like this. I am holding my tears back as I write this testimonial for Nitin and want to thank him for giving me a new lease of life. For the first time since high school, I look good without my clothes on, and cannot ask for anything more.

Jennifer Andreza
Tenafly, NJ

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Tone Your Hips, Thighs and Tummy. Get Rid Of The Stubborn Body Fat and Love Handles FOREVER!!!

If this sounds appealing, let me ask you one question. If you give me, a proven guru, a commitment to exercise 3 times a week and I give you guaranteed results, WOULD YOU DO IT? What if I was able to deliver:

  • Permanent weight loss - I teach you the biggest secrets to lose weight and keep it off. Our participants have had a 64% higher probability of losing weight and keeping it off than the average gym. This is a guarantee that is worth more than 10 times the value of the price of the program.
  • Guaranteed muscle toning - Sculpt your hips, thighs and derriere (like the French say) and look like the knockout you should be..Every curve of your body will be shaped exactly the way it should be, in the right proportions, with the precise balance. You look better than you have ever done, sleep better than ever, your life at work and home (ahem) improves, and you look so unbelievably amazing that people at work cannot even recognize you..
  • Look sexier than ever - All the women who have attended boot camp now look leaner, more toned and sexier than ever before. Some women have personally told me (and I quote): "My husband now looks at me the same way he did when we first got marrried".

If this doesn't make you excited, perhaps it's time to check your pulse. Seriously, my team and I can help you transform yourself like you never imagined possible.

Why should you train with me?

  • One on one attention at less than a third of the cost of personal training
  • Get trained by by a licensed physical therapist and media celebrity, not a fly-by-night personal trainer like you get at other fitness boot camps
  • Weekly done-for-you rapid fat loss nutrition plans
  • Assessment, goal setting, complimentary home exercise routine included
  • Unlimited support by phone and email from the boot camp owner, not a receptionist or college student

We Cannot Stop These Testimonials, They Just Keep Coming....

  Group Testimonial  
Average weight Loss 20 lbs

  Dr. Sandy Zullo  
Weight Loss
14 lbs

  Maureen Ash  
Weight Loss
16 lbs

  Adina Weiner  
Weight Loss 9 lbs

  Charlene Thomas  
More motivation
Chino Hills

Why Most Fat Loss Plans Fail...

Most fat loss programs do not work. They promise too much and deliver too little.

They leave you tired, frustrated and disillusioned.

Most clients I talk to have had bad experiences with classes and 'meathead' personal trainers who have not worked out. Some of my biggest success stories have suffered several cycles of resentment and anger.

You go on a low carb diet - you end up eating too much fat or protein. You go on a 'detox' diet.. you feel malnourished, weak and unable to exercise. You go on a 'low fat' diet - you end up consuming too much sugar.

It never ends!!

Chino HillsBefore you know it, your clothes don't fit you any more.

Now the dieting, and the supplements begin. The weight piles on.

It gets worse! The pounds start adding up!

Before you know it, the weight is back with a vengeance.

Your level of frustration increases. You resort to binge eating and you stop exercising.

It gets worse.....

You try once again to get back on track. You have a few good days.

But those days are numbered. Before long, you are back to where you started. What's worse.. you have now gained more weight than you lost!


Jersey Boot Camp is the answer...

We take you back to the basics. We don't promise instant results - we expect commitment and consistency. We promise outstanding fitness instruction and dietary advice....
Chino HillsAnd that’s why Jersey Boot Camp is your perfect solution!

The fact is: our integrated weight loss and nutrition system guarantees double the results in less than half the time for only a third of the cost of one-to-one training or your money back! Over the past 4 years, we have helped over 2497 (and growing) local residents achieve spectacular transformations.

As we head further into 2012, I will do whatever it takes to help you reach your weight loss goals faster than ever before!

The best news is.. this will cost you less than $10 a day.. Can you think of a more affordable plan than that?

By the way… I'd like you to know that this program comes with a money back guarantee. If you do not see outstanding results, you will not pay a dime. How does that sound?

Here’s how this plan works…

Jersey Boot Camp is a three times a week outdoor group fitness program packed with fun, energizing workouts and done-for-you nutritional planning topped off with a big serving of motivation to help you reach your goals in double quick time!

Each workout takes place at the Petruska Park, 471 N. Farview Ave. Paramus, NJ.

All I want you to do is to be consistent, be enthusiastic, leave all complaints and inhibitions behind and get ready to REACH YOUR GOALS.

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The Jersey Boot Camp 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee Pledge: If You Manage To Secure a Spot in this Sold-Out Program, You Can Be Guaranteed:

Chino Hills
  • Firmer arms, legs, thighs, and buns
  • Increased strength, energy, and stamina
  • Faster Metabolism to burn more fat at rest
  • Tighter, flatter abs – a firmer, slimmer waist
  • At least 6-8, upto 20 pounds of weight loss
  • 3-6% decrease in body fat
  • Look and feel ten to fifteen years younger
  • Increased muscle tone and flexibility
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • Decreased stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Increased sense of overall well being
  • Reduce cravings for fats, sugars, and junk foods
  • Sleep better and increase productivity
  • Decrease back pain and discomfort
  • Lose the uncomfortable “bloated” feeling
  • Look and feel better in your favorite clothes

Even if you are one of those that has stubborn body fat to lose, we can help you. This experience will be a never-before-seen workout that you have to see to believe. This is the PINNACLE OF EXERCISE CLASSES, the last frontier in weight loss, the only plan you will ever need to get back into your skinny jeans and meet tons of new people and make new friends while you are at it.

Get ready to experience the workout! It does not matter whether you have a pounds to lose, or 30 plus pounds, Jersey Boot Camp will be the most energizing, exhilarting workout you have ever tried!


Ok, How Much Does This Cost.. How Do I Attend?

Simple! Just sign up below..

Our 3-day a week boot camp program is only $199 per month, after your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL. You are on a month to month plan and can cancel at any time.

Our boot camps are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5.30 am

Each camp lasts 45-60 minutes and consists of various group exercises, hikes, stretches and group relays all designed to get you to your goals quickly, permanently and while having fun.

Chino HillsNo camper will be left behind. Like I said before… It doesn't matter whether you have a few pounds to lose or over 50 pounds, you will get a challenging workout for your fitness level.
Keep in mind that.....

Each camp is limited to only 25 participants and no more. This ensures that you get plenty of personal attention from your fitness coach at all times. So make sure to scroll down, and click the “Activate Your Free Trial ” button before all spots are sold out!

Here's What You Get When You Join Jersey Boot Camp Today:

  • Complete Fitness Assessment Every 30-Days.
  • Unlimited Boot Camp Sessions per Month
  • Free “Client Only” Subscription to Our Exclusive Fitness Newsletter.
  • Nutrition and Diet Coaching. (we’ll break all the myths for you)
  • Peer Support, Motivation, and Accountability.

Get Directions Now.

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Special Bonus Gifts If You Join Today -
$143.00 Value!

BONUS #1 - $97 VALUE Personalized 4 Week Nutrition Plan: This personalized nutrition plan is designed with your specific goals and eating habits in mind. You’ll know exactly what to eat, and how much to eat for all of your daily meals. You also receive a weekly grocery list to make your shopping trip quick and easy!

BONUS #2 - $46 VALUE Done For You Weight Loss Ebook:
This special mini report reveals the truth about some of the most popular weight loss pills. This is the information that the multi million dollar diet industry doesn’t want you to know!

And to make you absolutely certain that you can join with confidence and feel great about getting in the best shape of your life, I am going to give you a guarantee that no other fitness and weight loss program can offer!

Risk Free 30 Day "If You Don't See Results, We Don't Want Your Money" Iron Clad Clause!

I am convinced this program will help you lose weight, gain energy and look better than ever before. You have an unprecedented 30 days to try out Jersey Boot Camp.

Join today and try us out for 30-days. If at any time during your first 30 days you don’t feel that this program is perfect for you, just tell us. There are no strings attached. We will issue a full refund, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

GuaranteeAnd to show our appreciation - we want you to keep the four week personalized diet plan, grocery list and the special fat loss ebook for trying out Jersey Boot Camp.

How does that sound?

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The truth is. If you are serious about losing that weight, shaping those thighs and correcting your diet, you will come to Jersey Boot Camp.

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While I have given you every reason to start today, and even extended you a risk free offer, I understand that you may still want to put it off a little longer… maybe you want to think about getting in shape some more…

Chino HillsSo I’d like to leave you with these words

(S)He Who Waits Is Lost..

If you have been lost all along.. then there is no more reason for you to wait.

Don't fall prey to indecision and frustration once again. You are completely protected with our iron clad 30 day money back guarantee.

It is not going to get simpler and more streamlined than this, I promise.

Show me your commitment by coming to Paramus.

If you take a decision at this moment, I can help you.

Call us now to schedule the free trial, and see you at camp!

Committed to your fitness success,

Nitin Chhoda, Certified Fitness Coach
Physical Therapist
Phone: (201) 723 7149

Remember, there’s no risk on your part. You’re fully protected by our 30-day “Lost it or Get a Refund” unconditional guarantee. So click the button below right now and join us for camp tomorrow morning!

If you’ve read this far and you’re still unsure or skeptical about joining –
then call us at (201) 723 7149 with your questions.


5.30 am and 6 pm bootcamps now available! Open to all women - no age limit

For More Information, Contact us at (201) 723-7149 or e-mail